Why is artificial intelligence more effective, safer, more reliable, and more economical than humans?

The answer is primarily a question of time. “Time is money” is a well-known saying that goes back to antiquity and indicates that time has always been valuable and should be used profitably. For many people, time has even become a pure luxury in our fast-paced world. Time is something you can never have enough of. 

Humans always interpret time emotionally and thus have a distorted perception of the processes of reality. This becomes particularly clear in extreme situations. In stressful moments time seems to shrink, while in boring situations time seems to expand.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a clear advantage here. A human crane driver might frequently vary the sequence when loading and unloading goods to break up the monotony, while an artificial intelligence consistently takes the shortest route. Artificial intelligence doesn’t waste time. “Humans hate doing the same thing all the time, artificial intelligence loves it”, says Dr. Sascha Lange, the spiritual father of Crane AI and managing founder of PSIORI GmbH. An AI is efficient around the clock, seven days a week. 

However, time is not only money but also relative. In stressful situations, time is perceived as shortened, often insufficient to think through decisions well and thoroughly. Incorrect reactions are then almost inevitable in humans. An AI behaves quite differently. It can perceive a lot of information at the same time and can calculate the optimal action at lightning speed. It even goes one step further than a human being will ever be able to do: it calculates a reliable prediction based on huge amounts of data. In this way, AI can prevent waste or dangerous situations proactively.

“However, the reliable prediction of events not only serves to avoid critical situations but also to optimize upcoming processes”, says Managing Director (Sales) Volker Voß to explain the advantage of calculated predictions. He adds: “For example, our Crane AI can compensate for the strong pendulum movement of the grapple by calculating the oscillation in advance and bring it to a standstill much faster than a human, even with years of experience, can do”. The time is ripe for artificial intelligence in the world of industry. Furthermore, using an AI does not only boost profit, safety, reliability, and speed, but is also a more conscious use of natural resources by avoiding waste.